Urban Waves

The waves were stealing the light from the street lamps. They were not actually waves, but I wanted to call them like that in order to offer them a certain credibility. Those water movements wanted to be queens, but they were trapped between the gray walls. During the day, this asthmatic river gave me the feeling of urban suffocation and I did not want to assume it at all. But in the night time I liked to think that all the pedestrians would fit under the water; the water that was barely giving the smell of life.

The rebel grass was defying the urbanization and it enjoyed to be ignored. Humans tend to get lost around the artificial decorations and forget to redirect their attention to the little miracles that the untamed nature has to show. I was clarifying my thoughts looking down the river and I wanted to forget that they are delimited by those rusty fences and of that form of art, named graffiti (that is so abstract for the stoics of the classicism). What made me sad were the billboards which made you look up and see the cranes that were ruining the clouds. The need of extension makes us want to go up and up… we omit that we can evolve at the same level, but on the sides. How naive the people are… attending the reinventing of the Babel Tower using different materials. We replace the hope with the glass.

I do not want to complain, but I like to clear my mind of any ferrocement that would haze my dreams. If only its shadow would make me mad, it would be alright. But what can we do with its weight?

Coming back to what I really wanted to express… I like water. And I always get along with the idea that there is my house.

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