Milan, Italy

Milan gained my appreciation from the very first moment because of its stunning train station. I remained to admire the remarkable design details a lot more than I planned.

For accommodation I chose New Generation Hostel – Urban Brera, but I recommend you the one from the Navigli area as well. Why? Because Navigli is full of life and All You Can Eat places(for 10 Euros) on both sides of the river. The buffet is quite diverse(with traditional food) and it may include a free drink, too.

But when it comes to food you already know that I like to be spoiled… so I wanted to explore more. I tried an authentic restaurant called -Latteria di San Marco- a small family business that looked like a kitchen full of relatives that you did not see since you were 3 years old. You must try their house wine! A very important piece of your culinary experience must be Luini bakery. You will have to stand in line at least for 5 minutes, but it totally deserves the waiting time. I can not imagine that trip without this place.


A big “Yes” for the Sforzesco Castle with the Sampione Park and Arc of Peace. One of the exhibitions of the castle is the one and only: Michelangelo’s Pietà.

I visited Pinacoteca di Brera motivated by the idea of seeing the famous painting ”Il Bacio” by Francesco Hayez. But the truth is that the museum’s courtyard is way more beautiful after the sunset. I did not have time to see “The Last Supper” painting, but you should book your ticket from time.


Whatever you will do in Italy, you can not forget about the icecream. If you already are around the Duomo, take a break and enjoy what Mercanti Caffe has to offer. You can taste those pleasures on some steps in Piazza di Mercanti. And if we are talking about Duomo, do not limit yourself to just a selfie from outside. Go ahead and buy the ticket that includes the visit of the terrace and the archaeological area, too. It is a little bit more expensive, but you do not want to miss that.

So all you have to do now is to drink some birra in any square where the energetic young people gather.


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