The transition to dehumanization

massage my mind with the sweetness of the petals

protect my hope from the steps of destruction

because my soul will hurt, while getting out of my body, if it will not anchor on you.

my love jumps on the way to immortality

and the mirage is supreme even if it did not touch the apogee yet;

enigmas sing on the line of life

because my masochism is at the stage of blooming.

step by step on the stale ceiling

the time is also upside down;

wildering tears are absorbed by sights

the thunder gets broken in thousand shades and colours.  

the bars of the sky split as well

a new path appears between the clouds

our illusions seem naive too

we judge ourselves ferocious, but we do not step back.

a musty thrill erupts in the crowd

a sharp sough criticizes us all…

hold me in your arms before

even the last drop of humanity that lies between us will die

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