Stockholm, Sweden

It was very difficult for me to choose about what to write in the first post of this section, but Stockholm is for sure in the top of my favorite cities.

As we all know, this European capital is divided on many little islands. What I can add is that Södermalm is the area where most of the young ones spend their time. Stockholm has a special vibe that makes you realize that all the inhabitants are actually young… and these joyful residents encourage you to get yourself lost and reinvent yourself  in the same places where they enjoy to do so, too. This includes the underground pubs. I know, it does not sound like a safe proposal at all… but just go for it!

In order to make the most of it, I strongly recommend you to purchase a public transport pass that will cover all the days of your trip. It will not sound like the best investment ever. Moreover, it will look like you are already broke before even exiting the central station. You will start to reconsider your life decisions and ask yourself “Why did I choose Sweden and not Latvia? That country is quite Nordic for me as well.” (I will tell you in another post about how is the thing with Latvia). But beside all this, believe me,  you will need this pass more than you imagined back home. You will take advantage of every single coin… almost. And the subway stations are artwork so your investment is fully covered.


    One of the main reasons why I consider Stockholm a very attractive city is because of all the wonderful views that are spread around. These views will never escape from your memory. I am a maniac when it comes of top-views so I insisted to reach 3 points that satisfied this desire (a maniac desire): Monteliusvägen, Eriks Gondolen and SkyView (doh). I visited Eriks Golden by night and I am still in pain because I was not able to capture the show that the city lights made in front of my lucky eyes.

    If you visit the city in a favorable period, you can take a look at Kungsträdgården. You will find there a breathtaking exhibition of Japanese cherry blossoms that look and smell like Eden. Nearby, you can also find Max Burgers (it was the first time for me in one of these Fast-Food chaine and none of my teeth were disappointed). I am a big fan of “Try traditional food” as much as I am of  “Take-away and visit as much as you can”. The truth is that I was visiting Stockholm during the time when I was living in Norway. So I cannot say that I was missing the Ikea food so much (Swedish and Norwegian plates are very similar – in my opinion). Now that I revealed this, I can confess that I ate at Amida Kolgril… you realize about what am I talking about, no? Yes, yes, oriental food in Scandinavia. That’s me and I do not regret anything! I have learned that where immigrants open a restaurant with their traditional food, you can enjoy a better culinary experience than in the most popular restaurants in their home country (you can see below what I mean).

For a super flavored breakfast you can just step into any coffee shop, bakery or pastry that makes you goo-goo eyes. You cannot fail on this. And trust me, I am a certified gourmand. I attached these photos to convince you (the last one is made in the most famous bakery of Stockholm, Chokladkoppen, that is located exactly in the most central point of the Old Town –  the same place where you can admire the famous tiny and colorful houses that you saw on Google).

And since we are here, let me mention that I strongly encourage you to get lost on the cute little streets of the Old Town (Gamla stan). Also, feel free to attend a Free Walking Tour that will enrich your experience with very interesting stories (like the one about the statue that is always warm or the one about järnpojken, etc).

But whatever you will do, you can simply not miss this island: Djurgården. It is indeed an amazing refuge exactly 2 steps away from downtown. I am not exaggerating. Nordic people just love to escape into the nature. And they want to be able to do it near their houses as well. So in this area you cannot find skyscrapers or anything related with the modern architecture of 21st century. Here I also found the mother of Bio restaurants: Rosendals Trädgård. Expensive and delicious. The collage from bellow speaks by itself.

And if our steps are already on the land of  Djurgården, I do not want you to think about how much money you have left or about how little you care about sunken ships. I just want you to think that this is one of the most stunning things that you will ever get the chance to see in the front of your eyes: Vasa Muzeum. VASA MUSEUM. The ticket should be required by law if you want to step into Stockholm. The persons that are in charged with this museum took care to implement some really nice interactive exhibitions for you not to cry on the inside that you spent 10-15 euros just to see a boat.

It does not matter that you just want to take a walk along the bay on Strandvägen, Skeppsbron, Stadsgårdsleden… or that you really want to enjoy the parties in the Old Town, Stockholm is a town full of life without being disturbing. In the end, I just want to share with you one of my favorite photos from that trip.


  1. Icey

    Oh my god!!!!! Goosebumps my dear u described Stockholm so beautifully 😍😍 u took me home and back while sitting in my cold English bedroom.
    Sweden in general is a beautiful country.
    Thank you for this and thank you for doing it in English now ❤️❤️

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