Backed stuffed eggplant

With this recipe I can assure you that you can not disappoint anyone. Even my worst critics (family members that have hidden master chefs talents) had to admit that they liked this (they said like, but I know “adore” was the proper verb).


– 2 eggplants

–  bacon

– 2 red onions

– red pepper 

– yellow cheese (or whatever you call it in your area)

– tomato sauce


So what do you do with them?! Easy peasy, you chop & mix & fry. Ta naaaaaaaaaaa

So let’s recap: you have to cut the eggplants in half, on the length, and take out the core of it (not to reach the skin, they need to look like little boats). Now you chop the eggplant core, onions, pepper and bacon. Then you have to fry them in hot oil in the following order: onion + pepper, eggplant + bacon, tomato sauce (just to make all the elements stick together). A little bit of salt (and other spices that you prefer) can be added at this point. 

After they get nice and brown (not burned, not ashes), you have to fill the boats with the mix. It should look something like this:


Add them into the oven (preheated oven) and add the grated cheese just some minutes before the eggplants are cooked because no one wants to have something shriveled on the top of their meal. After this step, just leave everything in the oven until it looks… eatable. My result is this picture.

If by chance you will encounter the living being that will not like this recipe, just send me a private message and we will attack. Enjoy your meal!

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